Energy Procurement

Access to over 30 Competitive Suppliers

Affinity has working relationships with over 30 electricity and natural gas suppliers across the United States.

Experience and knowledge of suppliers’ contract terms and conditions to protect our customers beyond price.


Whether customers are small, large, or anywhere in between, Affinity can offer a solution to help save customers money on their electricity bills.

We will customize each RFP based on each customer’s risk tolerance including fully fixed, floating, or a hybrid approach.

Our services include contract management to be sure customers avoid exposure to any early termination fees.

Natural Gas

Affinity keeps tab on the ever changing, volatile natural gas markets.

We are able to set soft triggers for our clients in order to capitalize on market dips or to cap price exposure.

Aggregation Buying Groups

There’s power in numbers.  Affinity aggregates hundreds of customer accounts together to offer small and medium customers competitive electric supply pricing options.

Buying electricity in bulk provides the lowest rates for the entire aggregation buying groups.


  • Access to over 30 Competitive Suppliers
  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Aggregation Buying Groups
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