Demand Side Energy Management

Demand Response

Get paid for agreeing to shed your electricity load during peak hours on the grid.

Affinity can work with customers to develop load shedding strategy to maximize their revenues.

Peak Load Management

For customers with controllable load, you can reduce your electric supply cost by strategically managing your peaks throughout the year.

Affinity will work with you and our supplier partners to help you automate the process.

On-Site Generation

Affinity can help customers evaluate whether it makes financial sense to install on-site generation.

In some states, existing on-site generation can be utilized to maximize either Demand Response or Peak Load Management programs.

Energy Efficiency Projects

Work with Affinity and our strategic partners to identify energy efficiency projects at your commercial and industrial locations.

Assist our customers in identifying grants, incentives, and low interest financing for their energy efficiency projects.

Energy Bill Analysis and Contract Review

Affinity will offer to perform a cursory review of your applicable tariff rates and supply contracts at no charge.

You may qualify for non-standard tariff riders as well as utility tax reduction strategies.


  • Demand Response
  • Peak Load Management
  • On-Site Generation
  • Energy Efficiency Projects
  • Energy Bill Analysis and Contract Review
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